Jeevanaya believes in the wisdom of Ayurveda. We provide traditional Ayurvedic therapy in a blissfully peaceful environment. Jeevanaya facilities comprises traditional Ayurvedic treatment rooms with steam bath.

Jeevanaya offers an extensive range of quality Day Spa Treatments as well as traditional, Royal Panchakarma Therapies and Natural Skin Care Treatments of Ancient India.

We extend an invitation for you to experience the Jeevanaya difference. Our highly skilled and well experienced Ayurvedic professionals and therapists will make your visit a memorable one.

At Jeevanaya, we also have a Consulting Physician/ Practitioner, who extensively consults a client and accordingly recommends diet changes, yoga postures, lifestyle changes and external Ayurvedic therapies to  help with overall well-being.

Jeevanaya specializes in the ancient discipline of Hatha Yoga. Our varied range of wellness therapies aims to improve quality of health.

Anita Kaur

Anita KaurI have always been passionate about the science of Ayurveda, more so, since the last 5 years. My passion grew with my personal experiences from it. I had an accident in 2003 and injured my spine (compressed vertebrae) and underwent many different courses of specialists, medicines and pain-killers. After a long ordeal with modern medicines, and saying no to surgery, I turned to this ancient holistic approach of Ayurvedic treatments, and there was no looking back. Ayurveda had found me to help me! Now, I want to spread its word and help all those who believe in the healing powers of nature.

Born and raised in India, I have seen Ayurvedic remedies and treatments in most homes as a regular way of dealing with many non-emergencies related to health issues. In my last two big visits to India since 2010, I have learnt about Ayurveda in more depth, its therapeutic effects, its treatments for various imbalances of body and mind and how it can be incorporated in our day-to-day lives.

In 2011, during my trip to India, I attended an intensive course about Panchkarma therapies, along with Ayurveda massage therapies at Kerala Ayurveda Centre in New Delhi. Along with the learning, I took few treatments related to migraines. I was amazed that there were no signs of headaches and migraines even after 6 months of the treatment.

In November 2013, I was fortunate to be a student of Dr. Rim Babu, an Ayurveda Doctor from Fort Kochi, Kerala, India whose family has a long history with Ayurveda and all its branches. I stayed in Fort Kochi, along with my mother and my 2 small children. My mother was a subject of my study many a times, under Dr. Babu’s supervision. Just after 14 days of regular treatments and therapies, she felt a significant relief in her joints and cervical pains.

Ayurveda is a very vast and deeply rooted subject that studies not only the physical aspect of a person, but also the physiological, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. Dr. Rim Babu and her team of experienced Ayurveda therapists have generously shared their expertise and knowledge with me, and for that I cannot ever thank them enough.

They changed me, and moved me forward by connecting me to something that is a part of our universal roots.

I started to look at life from a very simple, holistic approach, learnt to connect with nature and heal through it. For this, Jeevanaya has come along with a touch of natural healing processes.

I welcome all those who want to share this ancient practice of rejuvenation, of wisdom, of oneness, of natural healing and more importantly, of simplicity!