Nasyam / Sinus Care/Nasal Detoxification

40 mins / $45; 3 treatments $120

No. of sessions

Nose is the gateway to the consciousness and the pathway to our internal recovery. Medications that are administered via the nasal passages (nasya) affect the mind. Nasya treats disorders in mind, neck, nose and sinus cavity. It also improves the eyesight.

Nasya is one of the well known purification treatment in Ayurveda. Nasyam is administered on an empty stomach.

Nasya treatment begins with massaging the face and pressure points on the head to stimulate sense organs, and to open sinus areas. Followed by a facial steam and administering drops of medicated oil in each nostril.

Recommended for head ache, migraine, sinusitis, allergies, premature greying of hair and loss of smell and taste.

Actual Process

Herbal juices and oils are administered as nasal drops.


Cleanses central nervous system and sense organs.


Effective for migraines, headaches and nerve pains.