Shirodhara / Third Eye Healing

60 min / $80.00; 3 treatments $150

No. of sessions

Shirodhara literally meaning “head flow”. One of the most desired Ayurvedic treatment beginning with application of oil all over the body, you will begin to calm the wandering mind, meditative bliss will occur as a slow pouring of medicated warm oil cascade over your sixth chakra, stimulating your third eye and window to the soul.

Recommended for anxiety, insomnia, mental stress, depression, headache and lack of memory. Find out why this is one of the most profound and popular Ayurvedic treatment offered.

Actual Process

Medicated oil or medicated liquids are dripped on the forehead.


Regulates functions of central nervous system and cleanses the sense organs.


Stress, depression, sleeplessness, migraine, skin diseases and neurological disorders.